About us

Sports Medicine Umeå places the patient in the first room.
Doctors, physiotherapist and nurses use a “team approach”.
We offer clinical examination, treatment and rehabilitation to patients with sports and exercise related injuries, but also other patients with injuries in the locomotor system are welcome.
We have MRI and Ultrasound. X-ray through collaborating clinic nearby that can be used in close relation to the clinical examination.
We use specific strength training, ultrasound and Doppler-guided injections and different types of surgical procedures as treatment alternatives.
We emphasize to have a short waiting time for injections and surgical treatment.
We offer fitness and strength tests, and measure of body composition (bone, muscle and fat mass).
We have a close collaboration with Umeå University, and continous on-going research projects and product control evaluations.
Kuratorvägen 2B
907 36 Umeå 
Phone: 090-719 300
Fax: 090-719 301